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Madflowers sensual, sexy oils, now in red, white and blue

Not literally, of course. But Madflowers Sensual Oils for Natural Beauty are all American. They’re conceived here, crafted here, bottled here, designed here and sold here. We are 100% American and to show it off, we’ve joined This new website verifies that brands who call themselves American-made are actually made in America. You’d be surprised how many people know the importance of made in the USA when it comes to body and skin care. Because we’re innovative, we bottle quality, and we have to follow regulations to ensure safety. has verified that we meet all criteria.

Madflowers is on the American Made Beauty site now and plans to be for a long time. Being from this country is our heritage and we’re proud of it, just like we’re proud of our exciting elixirs, lush potions and enriched dews. Rub Body Bronzer or Face Dew over your body or face and embrace the feeling. Kiss and tell all with Lip Potion. Massage your breasts with Breast Elixir. Soft, sexy, sensual. Luxury drapes over you and suddenly, you’re a changed woman. More empowered than ever before to show off your beauty.

Madflowers is the definition of beauty in America. Come a little closer and let us whisper in your ear how beautiful it is.

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