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The Ultimate Honey Do

Face it. A new face soufflé from Madflowers encourages women to face their age, whatever it may be, beautifully. We call it Face Dew. You’ll call it soft-n-smooth and ooh-la-la. Lightweight and magically smooth, this whipped cream contains a synergistic blend of 88% essential oils, 8% herbal infusion, 2% honey and 2% natural vitamins and preservatives. Locked inside a 1-ounce vial, Face Dew works to clarify, enhance, firm and tighten skin. By creating a seductive glow and an exquisite feel, it represents a new idea in facial hydration and anti-aging moisture.

You know that wonderful feeling when there’s a soft rain, and your skin becomes moist, dewy, lush? That’s the feeling you’ll get every time you smooth the new Face Dew soufflé from Madflowers across your face and décolleté.

It smoothes away the signs of age, and returns your face to a look of radiant youth. The formula includes:

Honey to de-stress skin in order to fight the look of fine lines.
Jasmine Oil for erasing dryness to create a smooth, dewy face.
Patchouli Oil to help regenerate cells and reducess inflammation.
Vetiver Oil to relax and balance the skin for superior tranquility.
Vitamin A for enhancing the face by revealing a healthy glow.
Ylang Ylang and Yuzu oils to calm, smooth and tone skin for a lifted appearance.
Face Dew is the ultimate honey-do-list. As in, honey – I must use this face soufflé to make me look younger, healthier, more glowing. Check it out!

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