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In like a Lion, Out Like a Lioness

Or as we like to call it, welcome to Madflowers. Lately, we’ve been doing the bronze thing as we get ready for summer. Body Bronzer is all about natural self-tanning. Rub this lush oil into your skin and get ready to glow. And glow anywhere. With Madflowers, it’s all about desire, and all about the look and feel and wonder of sensual oils for natural beauty.

Body Bronzer is loaded with henna extract, carrot oil and more. Shake it up and watch the magic happen! It doesn’t streak, it works naturally with your skin, and it actually smells good. Imagine that.

Expose yourself to the sunless tan, indulge in the fantasy, in the madness, in the gloriousness of oils to bring out your inner goddess. And the lioness that just wants to be tamed. Click here.

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