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If It Feels Good, Touch It With Breast Elixir

Breast oils aren’t just for sex shops anymore. The sexy oils in my Breast Elixir make you tingle all over. Touch yourself. Better yet, invite him to touch you there, there and especially there.

Breast Elixir is 100% oil. Massage onto your breasts and feel the tingle. It’s like lingerie specifically for your breasts. I think it even promotes breast health. The power of touch is always a good thing, so how could it not?

It’s like a massage oil without chemicals. Sensual, sexy, sassy, seductive. Perk up those breasts and get ready to feel good.

Try it. You’ll enjoy it. Again and again and again. That’s the power of sexy, sensual oils by Madflowers Malibu.

Maddie xo

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