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Speaking of Beautiful

Speaking of beautiful, I recently sent 10 very special Mad-about-you gift baskets to some of Malibu’s most memorable women. Women of influence. Women who are sexy, saucy and sassy. Women you might occasionally see right here in Malibu or maybe on a TV or movie screen near you.

These Mad gift boxes were just bursting with Madflowers products and flowers hand-picked by Malibu Sea Lily. Treasures of Breast Elixir, Body Bronzer and Lip Potion were swimming in a sea of petals and posies. I had these boxes hand delivered, with a personalized note, and today got a phone call from a very thankful Madflowers goddess, saying how much she enjoyed my sensual oils for natural beauty. What a great way to start off May!

If you’re ever in Malibu and need some petal power, drift on over to Sea Lily. Tell them Maddie says hi.

Maddie xo

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