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The Madflowers Experience

Like just about everybody on the planet, I order off the internet. With my busy, busy life, it’s just easier. Plus everything I need and want is right there at my fingertips. I can search and find as quickly as my fingers can type. One of things I think has been missing though is the shopping experience. When I walk into a store I get a vibe. I can feel the atmosphere tingling. Sometimes it’s because of a fragrance; other times it’s because I can touch what I’m about to purchase. I can interact with it as well as with the people.

The Internet is an interesting place in that we’re all connected and yet we remain completely isolated. When you buy something on the internet it has to speak to you. You have to get a distinct feeling. You want to feel as if you’re touching it and smelling it and tasting the aura of it. Of course, it’s one thing to feel that on a website, and another entirely to then get something delivered to your door. Too often, whatever it is that’s been ordered is tossed into a box, padded up with air bubbles and shipped. You open it with such anticipation only to have that feeling tarnished a bit by the lack of experience greeting you.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get a box and open it and have it be like a treasure waiting to be discovered? The opening of a box should be an experience. It should make you feel good about your purchase before you’ve even used it. Too many companies don’t seem to care about that. I do. I want Madflowers oils and elixirs and potions to be an experience from the moment you log on to the website to the moment you decide to purchase to the time you open the box to actually touching the product to your body. After all, Madflowers is all about sensual oils for natural beauty, an experience from the beginning. That’s my promise.

Maddie xo

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