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Pass the Bottle

There’s something very sensuous about a glass bottle filled with natural and exotic oils. Madflowers oils are always in beautiful glass vase-type containers that do more than just look good on your counter. They actually act as a preservative for the oils. Oils can absorb the particles and chemicals present in plastic which can drastically alter the efficacy and wonder of each oil’s benefit, and of the Madflowers blend in particular.

Madflowers oils do not contain preservatives because they are meant to be used. That’s what one of my top aromaspecialists said to me once when we were discussing why some products contain too many preservatives. These little jewels are beautiful to look at. Open a bottle of Body Bronzer or Breast Elixir, inhale the luscious fragrance and then pour some into your hands. Smooth across your body and your breasts for a feeling like you’ve never experienced.

Keep your Madflowers oils in a cool, dry environment. They don’t have to be refrigerated but they won’t do well in a hot-house. Still, don’t worry if they’re in the car for a few hours. It takes quite a while for oils to lose their viability and their fragrance.

Above all enjoy, and pass the bottle.

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