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A Rose by Any Other Name

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In Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare’s timeless play about enduring, everlasting love, Juliet speaks the following to her beloved: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” (Act II, Scene II). Their love had been forbidden because of their last names, but she saw through that. It’s not the name of something that matters, it’s the emotion. If a rose was called something else, it would still have a powerful fragrance. 

Introducing Terra Rose. This limited edition exotic fragrance now available as part of our indulgent Madflowers brand, is glorious. A soft, elegant perfume dedicated to the power and presence of the awakened woman, and created to celebrate the power of women to love unconditionally and to create beauty in the world. Is there anything more timely?

Madflowers Terra Rose ParfumPerfumes, parfums and fragrances have been around for millennia, and their ability to transform the wearer into someone more desirable is legendary. Once upon a time, the Egyptians created ointments and balms with essential oils to provide a lush scent. They also used their fragrances in religious ceremonies and burial rituals. The rich elites, male and female alike, adorned themselves with aromas from essential oils and extracts. In fact, archeologists discovered a perfume factory that they date to 2000 BC. Located in Cyprus, it likely produced scents like coriander, laurel, myrtle, lavender, and rosemary.

Today, there are many types of perfumes and fragrances, many of which are synthetic. But historically, the most potent fragrances come from nature. They blend better with each person’s personal body chemistry, making their application essential for personal power as well.

The most common natural fragrances come from bergamot, citrus, vanilla, and even honey (which Madflowers also uses in Face Dew!).

We’ve wanted to include a fragrance with Madflowers for a long time, one that would indulge our desire for subtle power while remaining forceful in its ability to drive the love of your life crazy. Our Terra Rose contains pure essential oils of Bulgarian rose, frangipani, sandalwood, neroli, bergamot, lime, and more. It’s also infused with a garnet crystal to exploit beauty. 

Terra Rose is the rose by another name. Glorious, indulgent, sensual, sweet. Essential. 

Just like Romeo and Juliet, without that unfortunate ending.

Terra Rose is available exclusively at Glamifornia Style Lounge in Malibu for $75/ounce.

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