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Are self-tanners better? We think so!

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Who cares if it’s January? We still want that summer glow and that sun-kissed look! Beautiful self-tanners and body bronzers, like Madflowers Body Bronzer, use natural ingredients like oils and extracts to give your skin a gorgeous, natural tan without sun exposure. And yes, even in winter. 

Inside Body Bronzer, you’ll find a wealth of essential oils and extracts that combine with your natural skin oils to leave skin glowing. The formula includes Henna Extract and Carrot Oil to give your skin a glorious glow.

Henna Extract. While the majority of people probably associate henna with the dark-red/brown dye for hair and skin that is traditionally used in Eastern cultures, it’s a superb natural self-tanner. While providing a subtle stain to skin, it can also help detoxify the body, improve nails, cool the body, reduce inflammation, speed healing, and protect skin.

Carrot Oil. Considered an essential oil, it’s basically a thick orange colored paste which is at its best when used in the purest form. The oil helps to restore moisture and helps provide healing properties that actually work to soften skin while adding a lush glow. 

An added benefit: Natural fragrance. An estimated 5.72 million Americans have skin allergies to fragrance.  Around 72 percent of those suffering from asthma claim that their condition can be triggered by synthetic fragrance. 

Faux-glow and go

While faux glow and natural products don’t always seem like an obvious couple, it actually makes sense. After all, if you’re avoiding damage from the sun, it’s just as important to avoid the harmful chemicals and additives that many self-tanners can contain. Body Bronzer is almost exclusively natural, so get your faux-glow on today.

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