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Face your winter skin

anti-aging skin care essential oils face dew facial moisturizer

Cool temperatures, harsh winds, and dry air all work to remove the natural oils from your face, making it dull. It can even become itchy and any underlying skin conditions might flare. What to do? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Madflowers Face Dew is a luscious blend of oils, honey and more to create a sweet softness that’s visible. 

Turn winter skin into sexy skin 

Remember: no hot water. While long hot showers can feel like a heavenly reprieve from chilly weather, the hot water is actually not good for your skin, and especially not for your face. Keep showers brief and use gentle soaps with moisturizing ingredients. After your shower, pat dry. Rubbing with a rough towel can irritate your skin.

Don’t forget the basics to keep yourself in good health, as well: wash your hands frequently, get plenty of rest, eat a healthy diet, and exercise.

A tip: Stress can show up on your skin. Fight it with yoga, meditation and an excellent moisturizer like Madflowers Face Dew.  

These basics can also minimize stress, which in turn can help keep you healthy and, according to some research, maximize your skin’s ability to retain water. You know what else helps? Jojoba to function as a natural moisturizer, mimicking skin’s natural oils; Sea Kelp to act as a superior anti-ager; and Honey for its extreme moisturizing and antioxidant properties. All are in Madflowers Face Dew face moisturizer.

Face Dew is filled with other oils like Echinacea to keep skin clear, chamomile to soothe away dryness, plus antioxidants like vitamin E to keep skin healthier, younger-looking, and moist.

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