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Golden Rules to Keep Your Tan for Longer

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Just back from your holiday and desperate to make that bronzed glow last? So if you want to keep that colour into autumn, here are some clever tricks and products to make you keep that summer feeling for as long as possible...


When skin dries out it flakes, so it will shed sooner rather than later. To ensure cells stay hydrated, you need to feed them from the inside as well as from the outside.

That means keeping up your water intake, especially in the sun when you lose more water through sweating.


As well as hydrating skin from the inside, you also need to moisturize it from the outside.

Your regular moisturizer will do the job, but after-sun creams frequently have additional ingredients, such as aloe vera to soothe skin.


To give any remaining tan an extra bit of glow, layer on a moisturizer or oil that contains a slight shimmer. Nourish your skin with a Body Bronzer for a non-sticky moisturizing treat that subtly sparkles. 


Steer clear of skin-stripping treatments: exfoliators and lotions that contain fruit acids, glycolic acid and salicylic acid can, like waxing and hair-removal creams, take off the top layer of your skin and with it your tan.

To avoid this, shave and skip the scrubs for a few weeks and concentrate on moisturizing.

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