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Who’s on a mission? Terah Tidy, the mad creator of Madflowers

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Recently, Fig, the Mindful Living online magazine did a profile of Madflowers’ creator, Terah Tidy. 

On why she started Madflowers:

“It’s a feeling of power and empowerment, of taking charge of femininity, and never apologizing for it. I think maybe I was ahead of my time, given what has happened in the world just in the past few months in regards to the women’s movement.

“I watch it all and I revel in it, just as other women do. Because being powerful and being beautiful aren’t mutually exclusive. I say embrace the power. And be a Madflower! I looked to Europe who often leads the way in sophisticated trends for beautiful women.” 

On why she loves essential oils:

“I have always loved essential oils. I love the feel of them, the aromatherapy aspects of them. And yes, the exotic nature of them. From Brazil to Paris, Tokyo to London and everywhere in between, women seem to express beauty differently.

“And yet, they all seem to exude an internal glow that I wanted to capture. And then I approached my formulator armed with the idea, and she helped me to find the right oils and extracts to achieve my goal. Many of those oils come from all over the world.”

On what’s next:

“Even as someone who has long lived and worked in California, I am still constantly struck by the beauty of this place and this planet. Helping to keep our oceans clean and our beaches free from debris is so important. Helping to keep our environment safe and strong has to be a priority for all in the beauty industry. 

“I’m also so encouraged when I see brands, especially the large manufacturers, taking steps to ensure sustainability. It’s what I wanted for Madflowers. Our oils and extracts are from renewable resources, so in essence, we’re just borrowing these ingredients for a short time because the plants can reconstitute, repopulate, and renew. They’re good for the skin and good for the environment. It’s a win-win!” 

Read the whole thing here!

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