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About Madflowers

Body and skin elixirs to soothe the skin and satiate the soul.

Indulgences to be used and enjoyed as a special pleasure.

Each enriched potion is a therapeutic fusion of ingredients, California crafted and European influenced. Our proprietary blends of essential oils are professionally sourced and artisanally focused to ensure sensual wellness, paying individualized attention to the legs, lips, breasts and face. The formulas are as natural as humanly possible, shaken, stirred and smoothed into skin via the most appropriate delivery system to achieve maximum absorption. Each chosen oil provides three unique ways of caring for skin:

  • intoxicating scents to enhance every experience
  • revelatory touch to encourage self preservation
  • emotional intelligence to excite the senses

When combined with extracts, all formulas release uniquely special powers to:

  • help soothe dryness and inflammation;
  • add natural color where desired;
  • influence and entice delicate tissue; and
  • tighten and firm skin.

These care-full oils, balms and soufflés are mad creations, harnessed from nature, and brought to you by the creative sciences and proprietors of Madflowers for body and soul.

Encouraging touch, discovery and a reconnection to one’s true self.

Available in the Glamifornia Style Lounge in Malibu and other fine boutiques, spas and resorts.

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