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Essential Oils

Essential oils are the ultimate skin indulgences. They can help soothe inflamed skin and smooth dry skin. They can also treat skin so beautifully that they help change your life, influencing your mood, encouraging touch and exploration. The top oils for skin include carrot seed essential oil for skin rejuvenation. Madflowers uses carrot oil in Body Bronzer. Geranium oil (Breast Elixir) helps improve elasticity and rose essential oil to rehydrate skin. Ylang ylang (Breast Elixir) helps smooth fine lines and tone skin while jojoba (Breast Elixir) acts as a natural moisturizer. Lavender (Face Dew) helps with skin inflammation while pomegranate seed oil acts as an enriched antioxidant. When combined into the right formulas, these body and face indulgences will change your world.