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Meet Maddie Madflowers

She breezes in, light as air, ethereal in nature. She’s a goddessan ideal, a woman who swims in essential oils, bathes in flowers and is simply mad about anything beautiful.

Maddie sees the world differently than most. Through her eyes, there are colors everywhere, and sensual oils run through her fingers. Her mind is a strange and euphoric place, out there and inside. She represents all women and their ultimate desire.

Maddie isn’t a physical being. She’s the icon that represents Madflowers. She says what she wants, what she feels; she is the embodiment of what the brand represents.

She is…
          somebody all women can relate to
          sometimes playful
          always wise

She listens, she hears, she researches and studies, and then she creates body care that changes ordinary women into extraordinary goddesses.

Maddie Madflowers may be the ultimate goddess because she makes natural beauty happen every day.

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