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The Madflowers Story

In mythical times, the most beautiful goddesses, ethereal in nature, used the magic of oils to entice and electrify. Their elixirs and potions were powerful enough to enhance both sexuality and sensuality. Today’s oils for today’s goddesses are much the same. Light as a whisper, they absorb quickly and easily into skin, and emit lushly exotic fragrances. These oils, as captured by Madflowers, complement the body beautifully. Madflowers Sensual Oils for Natural Beauty, based in the body-beautiful capital of the world, Malibu, California, has three exquisite oils for the body: Lip Potion, Body Bronzer and Breast Elixir.
The oils selected for Madflowers products all have an exotic history along with a delicious, nearly intoxicating fragrance. Carrier oils deliver therapeutic benefits. Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil was chosen for the Body Bronzer because of its light texture as well as the fact that it dries quickly, leaving the skin soft and silky. Jojoba oil was chosen for the Breast Elixir because it’s thicker and richer for the breast. The Lip Potion also contains oils that seem almost creamy but still add a hint of tingle. Use any one and the power of the oil – its story – becomes evident.
“Every oil chosen comes from the purest, most biodynamic places on earth,” explains Madflowers creator Terah Tidy. “All are distilled properly to achieve the purest essence possible in order to deliver the most desirable result.” Desire is the optimum word.
Tidy: “Oils are sexy, they’re about touch, about touching ourselves. When you massage your own skin, you’re taking time for yourself. You’re making yourself feel better. It’s a way of adorning your skin. That may be the definition of Sensual Oils for Natural Beauty.”
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