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Who is Terah Tidy

Terah Tidy is the creator of MadFlowers sensual oils for natural beauty. She is a beauty business pioneer and self-described beauty junkie with 25 years of management and consulting expertise.  Her lengthy tenure at Sebastian International presented extensive travel opportunities and allowed her to develop the company’s renowned International Artistic Team, design trend-setting hairstyles, and help create some of Sebastian’s most influential products.

With Madflowers, Terah has harnessed the power of exotic and sensual oils to empower women of all ages. A touch of the Body Bronzer and  Breast Elixir to skin and you’ll extract the natural strength of an individual’s beauty.

Through global research and intense experimentation, Terah hand-selects each oil for her products ensuring they’re  healthful, and fiercely modern. These pure oils enhance natural beauty through a sophisticated approach that creates energy and transformation by working with one’s skin, rather than against it.

Terah has maintained her relationships with major beauty manufacturers and artists around the world, always with a finger on the pulse of the beauty industry. She continues to travel the world, meeting with aromatherapists and experts in the aphrodisiac qualities that sensual oils for natural beauty can provide.

She lives and creates in Malibu.